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dr_amy_horn.jpgDr. Amy Horn

“At the end of the day, I get to go home knowing that I have impacted many lives for the better, Naturally!”

Dr Amy Horn grew up in a chiropractic household.  Her grandfather, Dr Ed Philippi, practiced in South St Louis for 33 years.  The Chiropractic “way of life” was implemented early on.  After a high school assignment which involved interviewing a local chiropractor, Dr Horn knew that following in her grandfathers footsteps was exactly what she wanted to do.

Dr Horn has been witness to many chiropractic miracles from very young babies to great grandparents.  Her great success in assessing and treating patients has earned her spots on the local news and speaking engagements throughout the community.

Dr Horn’s pre chiropractic education took place at St Louis Community College at Meramec where she studied Anatomy and Physiology, Organic Chemistry, and Physics.

Chiropractic Education

After completing the prerequisite requirements, Dr Horn began Logan College of Chiropractic in the winter of 1997.  Her studies there included Gross Anatomy, biochemistry, radiology, diagnosis, chiropractic adjusting techniques and patient care.  After graduating in the Spring of 2000, Dr Horn began practice in the St Louis area.

Since beginning practice Dr Horn has encountered patients with varying types of symptoms and conditions, some with no symptoms or conditions at all!  It has become her particular passion to treat patients as a whole, the physical, mental and chemical aspects of their health.  While most people associate Chiropractic care with pain, it is in particular the functioning of the Nervous System that is Dr Horn’s main focus.  The Nervous system is the main system of the body that controls everything else down to the immune system cells!  This is why Dr Horn’s youngest patients come in shortly after birth~ the body’s first “physical” trauma!

Life Outside the Clinic

Dr Horn takes what she teaches her patients and applies it to her family as well.  Actually it started the other way around!  Dr Horn is married to Ken and they have three children.  Kade, Kannon, and Annie started life in the most natural of ways, they were all born at home!  Dr Horn supports her children’s health with bi weekly adjustments, good nutrition and various vitamin supplements.  Her family is her motivation to extend good health and aspects of wellness to her family at large.

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